My name is Samantha Garcia I’m 19years old I was born in Lakewood ca and was raised in Covina my whole life.
My parents are pastors at Praise Chapel Covina so I was raised in church with my little brother Joshua. I knew Jesus all my life but I never had a very strong relationship with God until one summer when God Spoke to me and told me what he had plan for me. Let me start from the beginning.
Summer 2016 I went to a Christian summer retreat with some of friends, when I was up there the theme was, “getting a hold with God.”
I was 16years old so I wanted to know more what the theme meant. On the last day the youth pastor was talking about relationship with God, that we may accept God into our life…but do we really know Him and talk to Him and growing in Him? As he continues to talk about that, I felt a touch! I thought it was my friend messing with me but when the youth pastor asked us to pray and really ask God to come into our hearts and tell Him we want to grow in Him and grow a relationship with Him.  Reading His Word and in worship and in our prayer time.
As I did the prayer I heard a voice saying ( I am the potter and you are the clay my daughter I am making you every day and every minute today is the start of the plan I have set you, take it daughter and follow me) as I heard that, I cried and I prayed. When my parents picked me up I shared with them what happened, of course I was excited and I kept what God spoke to me, after that summer I followed God and was growing my relationship with God.
After that year, I was learning more God and learning what worship was, as well as I learning how to play the guitar,  was in the worship team.
On 2017, I turned 18 and a week before my birthday… I publish my first song that I wrote called, “In His Name” after I published the song, God had me on a journey and going to speak at youth groups and church services to share to the young generation about being bold for Christ and being called at a young age.
I still continued speak at youth groups and churches, but mostly, anywhere the Lord leads me.
Christmas of the year 2017, me and my family got hit hard. My mother had stokes and was in ICU and life support. We did not have a thanksgiving or Christmas with my family. By trusting God together, my mom made it though. She came home on new year eve of 2017 and we count down together as a family into the new year of 2018.
The year 2018, we recover together and helped my mom get back on her feet It took me 7 months but we did it together but during, those months I had moments with my mom teaching me and learning from her.
On November 27th 2018, I lost my mom! It was the hardest thing to experience, she was my everything, my best friend and sister. I did not know what God was doing, however, I did not question Him and His doing. I just ended to lend on Him and trust in Him.
precisley that’s what I did, I entered this year 2019 trusting in God and continuing on the legacy of my mother, of my life being 19years old, this is my life and this is my life being a Jesus freak. Trusting in God and following His foot steps, the journey continues and my adventure continues. It’s getting more exciting everyday as God does something new. This is just the beginning and I will be sharing new music soon.
This is the scripture the lord gave me is, Jeremiah 18.
The story of the potter and the clay.

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