Here’s how this testimony begins;
Going all the way back to when my parents got married, my father was a Christian, raised in a Christian household. My mother carried the title of a Catholic, God was just another image sitting beside her idols. My parents had many arguments due to their religious differences, as time came for them to be married they agreed to be married by the Christian church, something my mother’s side of the family wasn’t so happy with but still had to respect. Keep in mind that my mom only accepted to get married by the Christian church because of my dad, God was still just another god to her.

Moving on,
my parents got married and my grandparents gave my dad (their son) a house close to their own as a wedding gift. My mom was now stuck with my grandmother one of the Godliest women I’ve ever met, and someone who had a HUGE impact in my life and the life of not only my family but so many others. My grandmother began evangelizing to my mom, she spoke to her, not about converting to Christianity but about turning to God. My mom held tight to her religion, and continued the practice of worshiping other gods (the 1st Commandment given in Exodus 20 says not to have other god’s before God).

My parents were un-able to have children in the beginning of their marriage, the first year or so. My mom would look down at a pregnancy test that read negative time after time, it left her heartbroken. However, deep inside she had the desire to trust in this God her husband’s family talked so much about, that maybe He could give her that child she wanted so much. Her hope began there. Some time passed by and she began to have morning sickness very often, she kept her hope, that maybe this God could and did hear her prayers. She tried a pregnancy test once again, the results? Negative. Since the tests always failed to come out positive and my mom’s monthly cycle had stopped, the doctors offered her a shot that would force her cycle to happen, my dad told the doctor yes hoping the shot would help my mom feel physically better, yet my mom didn’t have a good feeling about it because if she was to be pregnant the shot would force the baby out along with the cycle. She ended up taking it, shortly after, she went BACK to the doctor because her cycle had still not happened, they did one last test (ultrasounds were not common in this place, at this time) and they gave her the news that.. she was pregnant! She was going to have a baby!! My mom was so thankful that the shot didn’t hurt her baby, she thanked God!

My parents didn’t know my gender, (again, no ultrasounds) therefore that was a total surprise. My dad named me “Ruby” because my skin was slightly red when I was born, sooo he thought it’d be cute to name me “Ruby.” Clever, I must say. The awesome part is that he named me Ruby AND since I was born on July my birthstone is a Ruby. Not so bad of a choice dad, not so bad.

My parents were in love with meeee, I was the first baby their love created. My dad was head over heels, I was his little princess. He tells me that since the first time he had me, I have always been his treasure.

Well, at the age of five he almost lost that treasure…
It happened while our neighbors were having a get together and my family was invited. I still have flash backs about this moment.. I was in our back yard which was in front of my neighbor’s house after crossing the street. A street that I nearly lost my life on. I was playing ball with my little cousins and the ball went rolling to the streets, I went after it.. and was hit by a car. The car didn’t stop after being aware of what he, this man had done. Everyone heard what had happen and rushed outside only to find me, with blood gushing out my ears, and my mouth… My mom was going crazy, she couldn’t stand on her feet, she fainted time after time before she could reach me. I was losing so much blood and I began shocking on blood clots, my grandfather managed to get to me and pick me up, he put his hand in my throat and pulls the blood clots out..

By now almost all the neighborhood were surrounding me, the street was full of screams, and cries.. The car that had run over me was stopped by another person, a woman who blocked his way before he could go any farther and she called the cops, if it wasn’t for this woman it’s possible that this man would have got away. My parents tried thanking the woman but she was never seen before, they announced it on the radio trying to find her but no, she did her job and she was gone, no one knew who she was and until this day we see her as an angel sent from God.

They took me to the hospital but the hospital said nothing could be done, I was practically dead. They rushed me to another hospital, they said the same, they weren’t going to waste their time… As my family was beginning to lose hope they finally got accepted in a hospital who though they couldn’t promise them anything, still took me in.. My dad was so bad that he was banging his head on the hospital walls..  This was his little girl, his treasure.. My uncles (his bothers) tried calming him down. My dad was broken… My family started praying and churches began getting involved… The doctors came out and told them there was a very small percentage of me living and if I did I’d be in vegetable conditions; I wouldn’t be able to walk, talk, hear, or see.. My parents were devastated.. Another problem was, I had lost a lot of blood and I needed some quick! That’s not the only problem though, the other problem is that I have universal type blood, a type of blood that is very rare to find. This blood allows me to give to any other types of blood BUT only able to receive from another universal type blood. No one in my family had this type of blood. It broke their hearts knowing that as much as they wanted to give blood and keep me alive they couldn’t! They tried different people over and over, but no. No one… Keep in mind that since this tragedy hurt my dad so bad he had to go outside of the hospital to have some space to calm down and not get kicked out. He comes back in, and they checked him.. HE HAD THE BLOOD!! My dad was who gave me the blood I needed, it was really God who kept me alive but He used my dad as an instrument. Today he tells me that he would have drained his whole body out of blood if he had to, to save his daughter’s life. That’s why I love my dad so much, I literally carry his blood!

My two uncles who are the only brothers my dad has, made a promise to each other that if God did this miracle, that if God spared my life, they would not keep quiet. They promised they would share the power of God to others! My mom told me that her and my uncle went in the room because my dad was so weak that he couldn’t see me in those conditions. She said she saw me and I could barely open my eyes to look at them, I was living my last moments. She said that when she walked in with my uncle I saw them and told her “mami hold hands” (with my uncle). Her and my uncle looked at each other, confused.. My mom asked me, “why sweetie? Why hold hands?” Again, I told her to please hold hands, that I was leaving with Jesus. Her and my uncle joined hands terrified at what I was telling them, and even during this time, she was not fully devoted to God. My uncle told my mother, “give her to God, come to the understanding that her life belongs to Him, not you, not us.” She went crazy, crying, screaming, she asked my uncle how, how in the world could she ask God to take me from her! At this time I was still badly injured but she said I managed to sit up I continued to tell her that I was leaving with Jesus. That’s when it hit her, that’s when she saw how little control she actually had of anything in life, she couldn’t save her baby girl if she wanted to! She started crying even more. She then falls to her knees filled with tears and confessed to God that now, finally, she believed He was the ONLY real living God, and if His will was to take me, then so be it.

My eyes began to close, I told them that I loved them… She grabbed my hand and I died… Yes, died. My heart stopped beating and my mom saw me die.. The doctors rushed in… My family thought they had lost me, it was over. But God said it had just started. A couple of minutes later I came back to life! The doctors said it was a miracle; we know it was God. Slowly but surely I began to recover, day by day I made more progress. I began to speak, and walk.. I could see and hear.. So what did this mean? My mom was right, God IS real, He’s a living God!!

I was out of the hospital and after everything that’d happened, my mom gave her life completely to God, due to what had happened she became a Christian and to this day she’s still one. One of the most humble and faithful servants I’ve met if I may add to that. Many people in my neighborhood were able to witness that God is real, people who doubted His existence before, they saw what happened, and had no other choice but to believe that there must be a God, and not just like any other God.

My uncles, they didn’t forget their promises, when I recovered from my accident they organized a revival, a revival where they would share my testimony, a testimony that most people there were witness of… The praying church came, the neighbors came, the family, invited guests.. This revival was held on the same street where I almost lost my life, the seats where they were seating was where my body laid almost lifeless.. My uncles called me up, and at only roughly 5 years old, with the smallest squeaky voice, I gave thanks to God for giving me life. A lot of people believed in God that day. My uncles went around sharing what God had done for our family and today, those two uncles are pastors. God is AMAZING.

At such a young age they taught me not to be quiet about the good works of God and not to keep my thankful heart hidden away. They actually have this video taped, and when watching this small version of myself speak, I agreed that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Live to give glory to God. Being a light in a dark world.
“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16.
But, I say this now at age 22,
it wasn’t always this away.
Though you may say, “wow, that’s a beautiful testimony!” I would agree now, God is good! I didn’t think that years ago, the older I got the harder things became. This accident literally changed my life forever. It left me with physical scars that I have to see and battle daily. The accident affected my vision and my hearing, I lost almost all of my vision from one eye and almost all of my hearing from one ear. Imagine not being able to take notes in school because your vision fails you after a certain distance, and failing tests, getting left behind in school work because of it.. My class mates thinking I was dumb because I couldn’t read the board right due to my sight. I couldn’t understand every word the teachers told me if they were far. Imagine always having to hear music from just one ear, talking on the phone from just one ear, I don’t have the option of switching the phone to my left ear.. So even now that you’re reading this, take a moment to thank God for the breath you just took, thank God for the vision He’s allowing you to see this with, and the ability to hear whatever is around you right now. Count your blessings. Too often we fail to realize that the biggest blessing are the ones we take for granted..
Remember, a blessing is a gift given by God which should result in us giving Him praise, acknowledging that every good gift comes from above. James 1:17. Both good and bad things happen for the glory of God, He deserves our praise when things are bad, and He deserved our praise when things are good.  If you want to please God, His will is not a secret to us, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you..” 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18
I went through a hard and painful process to accept what had happened to me.. Many times I cried, looking in the mirror, asking God, “WHY? Out of all the people in this world, it had to be me…” I hated myself for not being like everyone else, for having flaws other people didn’t have. As a child there’s many things you don’t see, that’s actually the beauty behind a child’s innocence, but as you grow people point those different flaws to you and you start questioning why you aren’t the same. Why your legs are different, why your eyes are different, why your missing this or missing that; I asked Him, “God if this was your plan, then why didn’t you allow it to happen but after, leave me the same?”
As a teenager I was blind to the sovereignty of God, His supreme power and authority over everything in life. The Bible says everything was made THROUGH Him and FOR Him, Colossians 1:16.  Everything including me.
BUT I couldn’t understand, I wouldn’t understand.. Did God not know everything I would go through because of this accident? Did He not know the struggles I would have? Did He know I would be made fun of? He did. He knew exactly what I was going to go through but what I didn’t know was that so many people would see His glory through this. Mannnnn can I relate to Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:9, BEGGING God to take my burdens away!! Only for Him to tell me, “My grace is sufficient for you.”  IT’S AN HONOR to be part of anything that brings people to glorify God!!! I don’t deserve this; I don’t mean my accident, I don’t deserve to be part of something so good like His plan.
I now see this in a whole new perspective, my scars, I see them as a reminder of what God did for me, as a reminder of my victory in Christ. I know that everything I went through in life wasn’t in vain, my God isn’t a God of coincidence, He’s a GOD OF PURPOSE! And as I get older, I begin to see that purpose clearer and clearer. The more I grow, both spiritually and physically the more I fall in love with my Creator, because regardless of who I am, or the way I appear to others, He continues to love me unconditionally. His grace continues to carry me. He has turned my grief into joy. I know that God kept me on earth for a reason, my purpose continues.
It’s true, that every person does have a story behind who they are, this is mine. Thank you for taking the time to read it, I pray with all of my heart, that you got something out of it. Remember, God is a God of purpose, everything that you’ve been through and are going through has a purpose behind it, a purpose that God will reveal in His own timing (but this purpose does include bringing others to see the glory of God and praise God for who He is, I can tell you that much!).

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