“We know all things work for the good of those who love God (Romans 8:28)” “He has called us according to his own purpose (2Timothy 1:9)”

When we grow up in the Christian faith we learn that God has a purpose for each of our lives. What may seem an abstract concept to some has always felt like a very real and tangible to me. He has saved my life so many times its hard not to feel that I have a purpose to serve.

The first time Jesus saved me He died on a cross, 2000 years before my birth.

4 months before I was born he saved my life when a teenager decided she didn’t want me.

He protected me on New Years eve 1999, at 14, from a man who would have raped me.   That night I sat outside in the dark and the cold and had a conversation with Him for the first time.

He saved my life at 16 when a semi truck pushed my car down the interstate at 70mph and I walked away with out a scratch.

God saved my life the first time my husband held a gun to my head, the first time I blacked out from him choking me, and ultimately from the Hitman he wanted to kill me.

2012 was the year I died.  I got divorced, My husband went to prison, I went to Haiti for the first time.

“It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me (Galatians 2:20)” “ I put on a new self in the likeness of God (Ephesians 4:23)”

I no longer experience life as my own.  Each day is an amazing and precious gift he has given me, and I wont waste it.   Each day I live to serve His will as faithfully and completely as I can.

When I went to Haiti for the first time I found a group of His children exploited and then discarded by the media.   Images splashed across our news of terrible tragedy and unimaginable suffering, completely void of the joy and Hope in Christ that keeps most Haitian’s optimistic of the future.  When I was in Haiti taking images, God told me “you can do better for them”.  I had no idea how.  I had no expertise.  I had no idea I would return to the US to find my own name plastered on the front page, as the lead story on every local news program.  I had no idea I’d get a first hand look into what its like to be explored by the media.

It gave me a perspective none other could have.   Jesus showed me in the midst of my own sin, in the midst of my own struggle, in the midst of my own mess, in the midst of my own imperfection how to see with eyes of love.  How to see people the way He does.  How to see past their circumstances and find His joy and hope radiating within every person I meet.   He continues to teach me every day how to responsibly care for the stories He has carefully and lovingly crafted for each one of them.

Always Know Hope,

*Allison Mayer*

Humanitarian Photojournalist

Witness – Storyteller – Artist <>

Call or Text: 317-306-1940

Skype: AllisonMayerWSA


Instagram: @AllisonMayerWSA <>

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Google: +AllisonMayerWSA

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