My life before fully committing to Jesus was chaotic and confusing. I always knew of him but never opened myself up to him. I grew up a pastor’s daughter I always knew of God it was just what I was taught to do.

I accepted Jesus in college when I realized that this world would never accept me and had no one to relate to. Jesus accepts us all and we can all relate to him for he walked on this earth and faced the battles we face. He overcame the world!

I had battled depression for almost five years. My life felt meaningless and empty. I had always had God in the back of my mind but never made Him my priority for I was stuck living my life for me like the rest of the world. In my depression I loss many things including myself and some people I cared for.

It was not until recently, where I boldly allowed two powerful men of God to intercede at my behalf that I was healed from my depression. I believe what activated my healing was my belief in the word of God. The woman in Matthew 9:21, her yearning desire to be healed by the touch of Jesus inspired me. I truly believed with all of my heart that the two men were connected to God. So when I saw an opportunity to be healed I went for it without a second thought. And instantly I felt free.

After almost five years of pain, confusion, anger, suffering, longing, and being unstable I finally found peace. I give the glory to God. I believed in His word but I forgot to believe in His prophets. The Lord taught me to trust Him and all His works and I have given my life to Christ once again. This time with true commitment.

My life is peaceful now. God is working on my personality and my emotions daily. He is taking away the old and making me new. He is guiding me each day through it all he is there. I just feel his love no more sadness. Matthew 9:21 because it was her faith in who he was that healed her and it is my faith in who he is that healed me!

Kinshasa, Congo.


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