– Valentina Sánchez. { Isaiah 62:3 } –

Hello, my name is Valentina Sánchez Bohórquez and I am 19 years old.

My heart has been conquered by Him… not because I am a pastor’s daughter, but because to know Him has been the best experience I have ever lived.

When I was 12 years old I began to feel an immense passion to share the gospel (the Word of God.) It all started with me sharing with my friends from school. After while, I began to feel the need to take it further. God helped me set the fear I felt aside and share the gospels where ever I went and with whoever I came across.

Today I am willing to go where He sends me. I am more than sure that is His calling and purpose for my life, to take the gospel anywhere and everywhere.

To live this experience in another country at such young age… it has been only because God has allowed for me to do so. The mercy He has given me is immense, I only have an attitude of gratitude… I have gotten to know God not only as my creator but as my friend and Father.

I am joyful with Him! I love Him with all of my heart and with Him I know I have it all. He is enough for me.

He has exceeded all expectations. His dreams and plans for me are bigger than mine for myself. He is magnificent.

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