– Winnie Nyatome-Warner { 2 Corinthians 5:17 } –

I was born in Kenya and I was raised there till turning 12 years old. Kenya is where family is from and has always had strong believes. In 2005 when me and my family moved to the USA and well, life became interesting. Moving to the USA was different and soon I learned that if you didn’t have the right things then you didn’t belong or fit in. soon enough I fell into the trap.

I was cute, have a cute accent. so when boys asked me out I would say yes. However, early on when I had made a promise to the Lord that I will not have sex till I was married.

Whenever I would tell the boys that I did not want to have sex, they would try, I would say no and soon enough they will leave.

Throughout middle school and high school my identity was wrapped up in boys and it was horrible.

By the time I hit college I was ready for something different. I met my Nathan ( now husband) and he just rejected me. That lead me to look for my identity in the Lord. Christmas of 2012 I said yes to the Lord and never looked back.

It has been a bumpy ride, but I wouldn’t take it back one bit.

I am more joyful, peaceful, extremely happy and just enjoying life. Life with the Lord is beautiful, there is days when I become frustrated with Him when things don’t go my way. However, I also know that He is cooking up something beautiful and He can’t wait to share it with me.

To be known and Loved by the Lord is everything.



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