– Karla Magana. { Mark 15:16 } –

My name is Karla Magana, and I am from Guadalajara, Jalisco. I am 20 years old and when I was 14, I got the opportunity to know about Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He did for me at the cross. I received Him as my Lord and Savior, but I wasn’t really letting Him take control of my whole life. My mind and my heart didn’t realize how worthy and valuable I was in the eyes of the one Who created me. I was trying to find ways to fill my heart and trying to be happy with parties, friends, and relationships. Definitely that’s not the way!

I came to the United States when I was 17 years old and I turned 18 a month later. I started a relationship that I thought it going to last forever. I got so attached to that thought that I didn’t realize the toxic relationship I was into. I was refusing to let go of a relationship that was hurting my heart, that was breaking me down and was making me fall apart from God. When was in the point of feeling not worth at all, when I thought I was the only person that was going through that kind of situation and I could not find a way of getting out from it, God made a way for me! God is mercifully, kind and full of compassion because when I was in great need He saved me. Psalms 116.

On February 17, 2017, God gave me the opportunity to hear the testimony of Krystell at Shine Girls Conference. Her testimony of how God took her out from the broken relationship she was, gave me hope. I realize that I could not do it by myself, I need to let God take care of my situation, but above all, let Him take care of my life. It was a long process, but God is faithful! He took me out from my brokenness and filled my heart with completely love, joy, peace and worth again. I was already chosen by Him, even before I was in the womb of my mom. I was chosen to get up and share the same love that God has given me through my whole life, even when I was not aware of that. God can use broken people, and the light of God will shine on them wherever He sends them.

This year, at Shine Girls Conference 2018, God called me again to leave my desires and my own plans aside and follow Him, but this time not for my own benefit or save. It was not easy for me to do that, but I decide to obey Him, and trust Him completely. God give me the calling to be a missionary and go reach out to the nations about the Love, Hope, and Grace He has for each one of us. This summer I am going on a mission trip to Spain! He has been providing everything that I need to fulfil His calling; with the money, my language, and all the gifts with what God has created me! I can tell you that it is God’s will for us to be saved, make us new again and have a filling life in Him. The thing is to believe that He is our Father, He loves us, and He gave His life for us! He knows who we are and what we need. We are chosen to do great things in His name. He has called us His daughters; our father is the King of kings and He call us Princess! Definitely, I am not worthy of His calling, but His Grace and Love endures forever in my life!

Fort Worth, Texas.


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